Your Problem is Not ‘Them.’ ‘They’ Aren’t Ruining Your Life.

It has been so long since I saw Boyz N the Hood, that I can barely remember anything about the movie other than generally liking it. Someone put this clip up, I rewatched it and thought it was interesting, especially with all the riots going on:

The whole idea in the clip is that there is a ‘they’ out there trying to sabotage the black community. Why are there drugs in black communities? Why are there liquor stores? Why are there gun stores? Why are there black Americans killing each other? Because ‘they’ want that to happen.

That’s actually a comforting thought for people that aren’t doing very well. “It’s not me, it’s that ‘they’ are trying to keep me down.” ‘They’ could be white people, black people, the police, men, women, Republicans, Democrats, corporations, straight people, gays, the Zionists, the Rockefellers — you name it. It’s comforting for some people because it takes the onus off of you for your failures. It’s “How could anyone expect me to succeed with ‘them’ working against me?”