You Don’t Matter, You’re Not Loved and No One Cares If You Live or Die

Okay, your family probably doesn’t feel that way. The parents, wife siblings, kids, and maybe a small number of good friends. Oh — and God. If you don’t believe in God, He still loves you, but your list just got smaller by one so far as you know.

Politicians? They want your vote and beyond that, you can go get hit by a truck as far as they’re concerned. Activists? They might be willing to give you a hand if there’s a camera involved, but that’s as far as it goes. Your Facebook friends? If you disappeared tomorrow, the vast majority of them wouldn’t even notice and the ones that did probably wouldn’t give it much thought.

There are a few genuinely good souls out there that will feed you if you’re hungry, give you a kind word because they think you need it and generally try to make the world a better place (I like to think of myself as being in that category), but in a world of nearly limitless need and entitlement, they can only do so much.

If all that’s true, then what does it mean? It means four very important things.

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1) Don’t expect anyone else to make your life better. It’s up to you.

2) Don’t believe any politician, activist, or celebrity who says they’re doing something for you. They’re not. They are doing something for themselves and if you benefit, great, but it’s not about you.

3) There are not a lot of people that are ever going to really care about you. So treat your family with respect. Treat your real friends that care about you like they matter because they do.

4) Other than a small number of people in #3, everyone else will value you because of what you bring to the table, no more, no less. Are you rich? Famous? Powerful? Beautiful? Fun to be around? A great networker? Are you someone people admire for a different reason? This is what the world will value, so this is what you need to work on bringing to the table.

Start by accepting the world as it is, then you can make real progress.

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John Hawkins
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