Would You Date a Woman With a Face Tattoo Like This?

I had never heard of Kelsy Karter before, but I looked her up on YouTube and it turns out that she’s a talented singer, although her career doesn’t seem to have gone nuclear or anything judging by the number of views on her videos.

I had sort of assumed that the tattoo was of her child, but after reading up on it in a couple of gossip pages, it turns out the tattoo is of Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. Even more weirdly, it doesn’t appear that they’re an item and it’s unclear whether they’ve even met.

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Before the face tattoo she was obviously very attractive and she definitely has talent. On the other hand, assuming this isn’t a brilliantly executed hoax, nobody would do a tattoo like that without HORRIBLE issues of some sort. Mental illness, drugs, a lifetime of bad parenting, bad advice and bad decisions — SOMETHING. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking would this girl ever make a decision like this?

I know there are a few of you out there thinking, “She just seems so lost and broken. So many people will probably give up on her after the tattoo. If she just had someone stable like me around, I could change her life!”

  1. No, you couldn’t.
  2. She would put you through hell while you are trying.
  3. If somehow, someway you managed it and paid to have that ugly ass tattoo removed, she would leave you for someone else that she’d feel worthy of finally since you pumped her up.

There is not enough pretty in all the world to fix that level of crazy. Accept it and move on.

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