World’s Most Basic Advice About How to Get a Man Causes Feminists and White Knights to Go Nuts

So, a guy named Zuby put up this advice for women on how to get men.

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If you had a group of men discussing what they liked in women, the list would be a lot longer than that, so if anything, he’s underselling it. In fact, if this bar is too high for you to jump over, you might well go get your crazy cat lady starter set because you do not have a bright future with the opposite sex.

So, what was the reaction to this tweet that did fairly well? A little of what you’d expect, but also lots of personal attacks on the guy, lots of white knights rushing to the tweet and other women who apparently expect to be thought of as amazing just because they’re gracing all of us here on planet earth with their presence.

I want you to read some of the over-the-top reactions to Zuby’s very basic, very good advice about how to get a guy.

By the way, here’s a little advice for the people complaining. If you’re a white knight, you might get some pats on the head for it online, but most women HATE it. I still remember a woman I know telling me that she immediately “dried up” the second she started reading some white knight trying to defend womenkind. No wonder. It just screams “I am weak and pathetic.”

As to the women complaining, if you want to be adored by men on your own terms, you’re probably going to struggle with dating as long as you live. If looking good, being sweet and trying not to annoy your man are too much to ask, then you probably don’t bring much to the table for a man that a prostitute doesn’t and prostitutes are cheaper and I’m guessing, prettier and more pleasant. I don’t recommend that men use prostitutes and come to think of it, I wouldn’t recommend that any man should be with a woman who’d get offended by that kind of tweet either.

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