World Champion MMA Fighter Eddie Alvarez: What a Winner’s Mentality Looks Like

Eddie Alvarez is one hell of a MMA fighter. He was a UFC champ two years ago and was still one of the best lightweights that it had. Things didn’t work out with the UFC and he moved on to greener pastures. His reasoning?

“’I honestly don’t have the ability – and this could be a sickness of mine – I don’t have the ability to be happy with my current achievements,’ Alvarez said, adding that ONE FC was the only major organization left where he hadn’t won a title. ‘No matter what I’ve done, fans say “what more do you have to prove? You won the Bellator world title and the UFC world title.” Inside, I wish I felt like that. But I never do. There’s sort of a war going on inside of me that says, ‘There’s more to do, there’s more to improve and there’s things to be done.’

‘I have trouble resting,’ Alvarez admitted. ‘I have trouble being comfortable. After fighting for so long, being comfortable is being uncomfortable.’

….’If I was to retire, and there was an organization out there that was the best in the world and I wasn’t able [to fight there],’ Alvarez posited, ‘and people would come to me and they would go, “Yeah, but he didn’t win the ONE world title” – that would bug me. I’m going to save myself that bother and fly to Asia and take on the best lightweights there and win that world title.’”