Women, Here Are 19 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Man Happy

Women, if you’re looking for little ways to make your man happy, here are a few good ones. Guys? If you read this and think, “Wow, I wish my girl did more of these,” feel free to share this. And last but not least, if you’re a woman who gets deeply upset that anyone would suggest that a woman should make any kind of effort to make a man happy, then you are doomed to have an unhappy life. Good luck with that, harpy.

1) Look for opportunities to touch him. Grab his arm. Run your fingers through his hair. Lean on his shoulder while you’re sitting together. Rest your head in his lap when the two of you are watching a movie.

2) Compliment him to other people where he can hear it.

3) Don’t run your man down to your friends, don’t criticize him in public and don’t just accept it if someone else puts him down. Men appreciate and respect that kind of loyalty.