Transgender ‘Female’ Weightlifter Smashes Multiple World Records in Single Day

I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be for a woman to find a sport she likes, compete for decades in it, become one of the best in the world and then just have some man show up and smash all of your records while you get called a bigot if you complain. But that’s how women’s sports work today

Powerlifter Mary Gregory — a biological male competing as a transgender female — announced Saturday on Instagram setting four women’s world records in one day at a Raw Powerlifting Federation event: Masters world squat, open world bench press, masters world deadlift, and masters world total.
Some of us were noting that this was coming all along and protesting the whole idea. A lot of people, women especially, turned a blind eye to it because they didn’t want to catch any flack or they figured, “Oh, how does it impact me?” — except many of those same people now have their daughters sharing bathrooms with men or losing in sporting events to men. If you don’t draw a line in the sand with people who aren’t mentally well to begin with, you may be surprised at how far you end up from sanity.
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John Hawkins
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