Woman’s Fake Rape Claim Leads to Murder of Her Neighbor

She lied, her neighbor died.

Brittany Sorey told authorities that a Hispanic man forced his way inside her Largo-area apartment and raped her at threat of a box cutter, though she would later confess that the entire encounter was fabricated.

“She alleged a man of Hispanic appearance forced his way in and used a broken broom handle and a box cutter to ‘vaginally penetrate her’ according to a police report,” relayed 9News. Sorey, 30, later reiterated the lie when pressed by detectives.

Sorey made the claim of rape when she and her husband Gerald were behind in their rent and had been notified that they were to be evicted. After reporting the fake attack, Sorey, her husband, and her five children vacated the premises and a male friend moved into the apartment.

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On May 10, the friend was at the apartment when a neighbour who Sorey allegedly owes money to started banging on the front door, unaware Sorey and her husband had moved out.

Sorey’s friend then called her to tell her what was happening and she told him the person knocking on the door sounded like the man who sexually assaulted her, according to a police report.

The friend then exited the apartment to try and take a photo of the man banging on the front door when the neighbour reportedly attacked him.

During the confrontation, the friend killed the neighbour, claiming self-defence.

During the investigation into Sorey’s neighbor’s death, the women finally admitted that her story of rape was a hoax; she’s since been charged with making a false report to police.

Why did she make up a fake rape complaint? Why did she report it to the police? Why did she push it when it could lead to a confrontation between her friend and a neighbor? There are lots of obvious questions, but now that a man is DEAD because of her lies, the only one left that matters if will she get the prison time she deserves? All too often, women who make these sort of fake complaints get a slap on the wrist with a wet noodle while a mans life is left destroyed in her wake. Until women like this consistently start to face real consequences for their crimes, the number of frequent (not rare) false reports are unlikely to ever change.

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