Woman Stabs Herself With a Kitchen Knife 3 Times Because Trump is President

A lot of people don’t like Donald Trump and they don’t like that he’s President. I get it. I understand it. I know where they’re coming from because like many Americans, I lived through 8 years of Barrack Obama.

Now, some people that hate Trump are probably saying, “That’s totally different!”

Yes, for MOST people that feel that way, I’m sure it is totally different because they liked Obama and hated Trump. However, there are also tens of millions of Americans that detested Obama and like Trump. Personally, I could give you a long list of things I dislike about Obama. In fact, I think you could make a decent case that he was one of the worst Presidents in American history.

You may agree with that or not, but here’s the point: I didn’t stab myself with a kitchen knife because Obama was President. I also didn’t need to talk to a therapist because I had “Obama derangement syndrome.” I found things he did annoying, aggravating and hateful, but I just shrugged it off because even though I work in politics, my life is not a ship floating around on a political ocean. If your life is like that, you’re going to have a messed up life. Like this one, courtesy of the Smoking Gun,

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Incidentally, this woman is not alone. I have a Facebook friend that reads roughly 50 ER medical charts per day and she noted that roughly 2-3 of them per day mention some sort of mental upset the patient is experiencing because Donald Trump is President.

It is easy to roll your eyes, say “What the heck is wrong with people?” and try to forget this exists. But, if you are so upset that politics is impacting your daily mood, let someone who used to run what was once one of the biggest conservative websites in America give you some advice.

The vast majority of politicians are not worth getting upset or excited over. Most of the people that really believe things down in their hearts and souls never make it to the top of the game because they get beaten by the sociopaths and the amoral, narcissistic a-holes that would kick their own mother down a flight of stairs if it improved their polling numbers a few points.

You know what else? The American people are fickle; elections tend to be cyclical and the press/special interest groups incessantly over-hype everything that’s going on. Couple that with social media feeds that are designed to outrage you to keep you clicking and it’s easy to lose perspective. Next thing you know, you are stabbing yourself in the stomach with a kitchen knife because “Orange man bad!”

I certainly believe there are important political issues and hills to die on politically, but not LITERALLY. You cannot allow your emotional state to revolve around the ins and outs of daily politics or who the President is because you can’t control those things. Who the Hell wants to be depressed for 8 years because someone you can’t stand is President? Who wants to be crying to a therapist because you disagree with a legislative decision determined by which lobbyists gave the most money to the right politicians? If you want a miserable life full of frustration, go down that path, but I promise it will never make you happy long-term.

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