Woman Falsely Accused Taxi Driver Of Rape For Reasons No One Understands

It’s funny that we keep hearing that this almost never happens, yet, we also keep seeing stories like this over and over again. In this case, it’s particularly bizarre because there is no obvious motive for her lie,

The incident occurred on January 7 2017 after the woman, from Greater Manchester, had been out with friends at Revolution bar at the Deansgate Locks complex in Manchester city centre. Mr Yousaf had just dropped off a fare when she got into his vehicle at 1.10am and asked to be taken home.

Mr Whelan added: ‘She appeared to be drunk as she did so and said she just wanted to go home as she had lost her friends and her mobile phone. She said she had £20 and asked how much it was going to be. Mr Yousaf gave her an estimate of about £25 and she asked to be taken to a bank.

‘Mr Yousaf drove her to a Tesco Express where CCTV footage showed the taxi stopping there at 1.22am with the defendant getting out to use the cash machine.

‘By 1.23am the taxi was driving off again and Mr Yousaf followed the directions on his satnav and took her straight home and reached the destination.

‘The fare was around £26, and the defendant gave him £30 and said ‘keep the change’ and paid the money through the slot in the middle of all black cab taxis. Mr Yousaf then thanked her then turned around and drove back to town. That 26 minute journey was in all respects entirely unremarkable.

‘But at 1.40 when the defendant got home, it seems she was quite noisy and her mother asking if she was ok. The defendant then went upstairs to her mother and stepfather’s bedroom where she was sobbing uncontrollably as she came into the room.

‘Her mother asked her what was wrong and she had lost her phone. She was crying, shaking and unable to breathe and then said that she had been raped.’

During her account, she claimed her assailant was an Asian male, aged about 58 with a thin face, no beard and no facial hair and claimed she was attacked about five minutes after stopping at the cash point. She said that she was convinced the taxi driver was wearing a condom and said he charged her £30 for the fare.

A specially trained officer attended the family home where she was found to be ‘extremely distraught’ and hiding under her bedding, the court heard. She was said to be ‘crying loudly and was reluctant to engage.’

It must have sounded so convincing, right? After all, right after the cab ride was over, she told her mother about it and she was “crying, shaking and unable to breathe.” Then, she reported it to the police and was found to be “‘extremely distraught’ and hiding under her bedding.” She sounds so sympathetic. So believable. Why would any woman make up that kind of lie? Only because of our sick rape culture could anyone doubt this woman’s story….except that because the taxi had a tracker in it that definitively proved her timeline wrong, we know that she’s a liar and the taxi driver is telling the truth. Maybe this whole #believeallwomen thing isn’t all it has cracked up to be?

PS: The only possible motive that comes to mind is that IF her parents bought her expensive phone and she lost it, maybe this whole thing was a poorly planned distraction to keep her parents from giving her flack, but who knows?

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