Woman Dumps Her Boyfriend Because He Got Humiliated in a Cage Fight

“Masculinity is tragic. Masculinity is a lifelong struggle, a gauntlet run against nature and other men to demonstrate virility and prove one’s worthiness as a man in the eyes of other men. Masculinity is a challenge to honor that ends only in death- a challenge to win coupled with a guarantee that, eventually, even the best man will lose.”Jack Donavan

When it comes to masculinity, there isn’t much you can do that is going to put you ahead of a man who is willing to step into a cage wearing 4 oz gloves in front of a crowd to fight another man who spends 6 hours per day training to injure other human beings until one of them is knocked out or disabled.

Still, even if that’s what you do, a woman can still be turned off because you’re not masculine enough. Here’s Miriam Nakamoto talking about how a relationship with a “great boyfriend” was ruined because she found the way he splayed his hands while he was being beaten wasn’t masculine enough.

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You may be thinking that I am going to crap all over Miriam Nakamoto for dumping that guy, but why would I do that? Her reaction was natural, instinctive and out-of-her-control.

“Attraction isn’t a choice.” — David Deangelo

Miriam Nakamoto is just being honest enough to admit the truth even though she’s going to be almost universally criticized for it.

Most women aren’t fighters like her, so they wouldn’t grade on such a tough curve, but the instinct she’s describing is one most women have embedded in them. They don’t like weak, effeminate men. They don’t want to spend their lives with a man they can browbeat into submission.  They don’t want to be seen with a man that is emasculated.

Are there women willing to settle for that? Absolutely, but if they can’t look at their man and trust him to be strong, then they’ll end up cheating, leaving or longing for a man that is strong.

If there’s one message there, it’s that over the course of your lifetime, not just with women, but with men, you will never regret being a strong, masculine guy.

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