‘Woke’ Parents Are Now Raising Gender Neutral ‘Theybies’

I had never heard of ‘Theybies’ until I saw this Steven Crowder video:

Basically, the idea is that ‘woke parents’ that want attention work so hard to raise their children as gender-neutral that they hide the biological sex of their child from the outside world. The idea being that the child won’t be straitjacketed by the expectations of their gender and that they can then “choose” their own sex when they get older. This is insane for a wide variety of reasons.

For one thing, it makes your child into a freak right from the get-go. What happens when the little “Theybie” goes to school and doesn’t know if they’re a boy or a girl? That’s undeniably weird and young kids generally aren’t kind to weirdos.

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I’d also add that the sort of parents pushing their kids to be “gender-neutral” aren’t really neutral. Let’s say they have a normal 4-year-old boy who likes trucks, shooting nerf guns, playing cowboys and Indians and thinks girls are “yucky?” You think that kid’s weird, woke parents are going to be okay with that? No way, because it doesn’t keep the spotlight shining on them. They need their kid to be the right kind of oddball so the right people will talk about how enlightened they are as parents compared to other people.

There are exceptions to just about every rule, but chances are a guy wearing a dress and lipstick or a woman who’s about as feminine as an NFL linebacker does not have a bright future. That’s just the way the world works.

So how do you think this turns out long term when the kid is ostracized while they’re young, has no sense of their gender, can’t connect with the opposite gender and are generally strange. Does that sound like a recipe for happiness or a recipe for therapy? Exactly.

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