Why It Matters Whether Your Girl Sees You as an Alpha or a Beta

The whole idea behind the red pill “Alpha f****, beta bucks” concept is that when women are younger and at the peak of their attractiveness, they tend to have sex with the alphas that they want the most. Then, as they get older, add more baggage and maybe have a kid, they are willing to settle for betas with money that they wouldn’t have paid any attention to at all when they were in their prime.

The way this concept typically tends to be discussed is a bit flawed because you have to expect that anyone, male or female, is going to better refine what they like in a partner as they get older. So, for example, if women want and get married and find that they can sleep with guys at the top of the food chain, but those men won’t marry them, it makes sense to find men that will stick to them long term.

This concept used to work out fairly well for American men when things like divorce and having a child out of wedlock were frowned upon in American society. Not that every marriage was happy, but an awful lot of couples that weren’t thrilled with each other stayed together for the kids or because they didn’t want the stigma of a divorce.

Because this has changed so much in such a short period of time, a lot of people have trouble grasping how much the dating world has changed. For example, Donald Trump is on his third wife and no one would be shocked if he dumped Melania for a younger model at some point, but the first divorced president in American history was Ronald Reagan in 1980. As to sex before for marriage, around the turn of the last century, roughly 86% to 88% of women were virgins before getting married. By the 1970s, only 64% of American women claimed to be virgins or have only one partner. By the 2010s, that number was down to 27% with only 5% of women being virgins. In other words, the shift in American culture, especially over the last few decades, has been staggering. Now, couple all of this with the increasing ability of women to support themselves or alternately, to ask the government to step in and do it for them and the whole nature of marriage has changed.