Where the MGTOW Movement Goes Wrong

Central Park in January, 2019

MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way.” The general idea is supposed to be that men are better off separating themselves from women than dealing with the hostility, slanted laws and ridiculous expectations that men have to deal with to be in a relationship today. If you were trying to illustrate it with a meme, this would do an excellent job of it.

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Now, MGTOW’s constantly get labeled as incels or simply misogynists. Many of them will disagree with this, but it’s not entirely untrue. If you read MGTOW and Incel forums, there is a lot of overlap. Also, without question, a significant percentage of MGTOWs strongly dislike women. All that being said, that probably doesn’t account for a majority of MGTOWs and certainly, they don’t define themselves that way.

From what I have generally seen of MGTOWs, if you asked them why they were going their own way, they’d say something like, “Women are just too difficult to deal with these days. I’d rather focus on improving myself and making my life better while spending my money on myself.” In fact, some of the things people like to post on MGTOW forums are cool set-ups they have in their house (since they didn’t have to spend that money on women), nice meals they made for themselves or glorious vacation shots.