What It’s Really Like Being 40 — By A Former 20-Year-Old

It’s great being 20-years-old, isn’t it? Well, that’s what we always tell ourselves when we get older. Everything back then was the “good old days.” But, if you’re honest about it, you’ll have to admit it was never quite as good as it seems in your head.

When I look back, it was actually a fairly confusing time in my life — well, compared to now anyway. I had no money, no idea of what I wanted to do after college, I was so-so with people in general, women completely mystified me, I was just becoming conservative, I had barely even touched the Internet and everything seemed very up in the air. Not that I was unhappy at 20 — I enjoyed life.

I was going to college at UNC-Charlotte, I liked the friends I was hanging around with, and I had managed to cram all of my classes into the middle of the week. That meant I had a 4-day weekend every week, which is admittedly pretty awesome. The classes seemed tough at the time, although they turned out to be a joke compared to working for a living.

Being 20 is not just an age though, it’s a mentality. The world is your oyster at that age. That’s the message you get from music, from TV, from movies. You see all these people up on the silver screen who are your age, who look like they could be your friends, who are doing all of these great things. Meanwhile, you feel young, vibrant, and almost invincible. Your whole life is in front of you and it seems like there are infinite possibilities.