What Happens if You Sleep With More Than 100 Women?

Over at the Roosh V forum, Latinalova asks,

A high notch count (100’s) messes you up 

If your goal is to pump and dump to the 100’s and have the potential for it, think twice.

A very high notch count is cool and all but it really fcks you up mentally. Too much variety bores you off EVERY girl very fast, sexually and personality wise. Even higher quality girls get boring, just takes longer.

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You can’t have a relationship anymore. After the first time, you start losing interest and the boner doesn’t get as hard for the repeat. You keep comparing her personality to X, Y and Z and wish she had all those qualities combined.

So you are stuck in this sexual abundance state which has served its purpose long time ago and is becoming more and more meaningless with time. You gotta keep slaying but the more you do, the further you get from a potential “oneitis”. The vicious cycle of slaying lol

Anyone else can relate to this?

Me? I’m not anywhere near 100, but Roosh is. Although he doesn’t say this explicitly in his latest book Game, it doesn’t sound like it’s all it’s cracked up to be,

If your goal is to sleep with 100 or more women then so be it, but don’t overestimate what those notches will do for your life. I thought that once I hit that number, I would feel eternally happy and confident, but just one day after this grand achievement, I felt no different than before. It was like having a great birthday party and then going back to normal life the following day. The journey I took to get the notches definitely changed me, but the 100th girl I had sex with did not. I don’t remember her name.

…I’m 39 and I’ve worn myself out from sleeping with promiscuous girls, and think more about experiencing fatherhood. What man out there can give me a clear recipe for what to do next? If I seek advice from men who haven’t been through what I’ve experienced, what can they say that will be worth listening to? The more you are in a latter stage of game, the more you are on your own.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you is to achieve your dreams. Sleeping with 100 different women sounds like an amazing thing to experience, but in the end, is it just going to make you cynical about women the same way for men that strippers are cynical about men? Reading the two accounts above has got to make you wonder.

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