Watch Out Guys: There Are Women Looking to ‘Spurgle’ You to Get a Baby

Did you know that the NBA actually tells players to flush their used condoms after sex so women can’t grab it out of the trash and impregnate themselves for the child support? Supposedly, it has happened multiple times. Famous skier Bode Miller also claimed his ex did it to him. Women do this not just to have a baby, but because the American court system is so slanted against men, that these women can turn it into an 18-year payday.

That brings us to spurgling, which is apparently what our British cousins call tricking a man into getting you pregnant. From The Sun

Lately there has been a rising number of “spurglars” — a new term for women who “burgle” sperm by various cunning, and sometimes dangerous, means.

From pretending to be on the Pill to buying £20 fertility kits on Amazon to inject sperm, there are many desperate ways spurglars try to realise their dream of motherhood.

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It comes as women who are desperate for a baby may not be eligible for free IVF on the NHS.

Guidelines from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) are that women under the age of 40 should be offered up to three free cycles of IVF if they have been trying to conceive for more than two years without success, or they have had 12 failed cycles of artificial insemination.

…While single women can scour the internet for a sperm donor, if they do not meet the criteria for free treatment on the NHS they would need to shell out thousands to have it privately.

So, if you can’t get the government to pay for impregnating you, apparently the thing to do is just trick a man. Just tell him that you’re on birth control or infertile, he sleeps with you and next thing you know, you’re pregnant and he has zero rights. One of the women in this article actually includes her name, picture and says she may do it again. Setting aside how much of a trash human she must be to do that, shouldn’t the government be taking her kid and making a case against her? After all, she got pregnant via fraud and there’s an enormous cost for the taxpayers.  On the upside, neither of the fathers mentioned in the article was hit up for child support, but they easily could have been and usually are in that situation.

All I can tell you is that, yes, some women will lie to you to get pregnant and that is aside from the women who were told by a doctor that they couldn’t get pregnant but somehow do anyway. I personally know a woman (not one I ever slept with) who ended up in that situation and she told me she wasn’t capable of having a child years before it happened. But still — pregnant.

What it all comes down to is be careful. Any time you are having sex, remember that precautions matter, but life finds a way, even if the way is telling you that she’s infertile or fishing your condom out of the trash.

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