Was Tomi Lahren Right or Wrong in Her ‘Men Are Trash’ Rant?

I am not a fan of Tomi Lahren for two reasons. First of all, I know people that worked with her at the Blaze and they told me she was a difficult to get along with diva that nobody liked.

More importantly, she’s part of a trend on the Right that I don’t like. The previous generation of top-notch female pundits and commentators, people like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Dana Loesch achieved their success in part because they’re very attractive. However, whether you like them or not, they’re also very smart. Coulter is brilliant, funny, and makes terrific points. Malkin is a great researcher who has never been afraid to make controversial arguments. Dana Loesch has an encyclopedic knowledge of guns and the legal issues that surround them.

What do Tomi Lahren and for that matter, most of the new generation of younger, female pundits and commentators have? They’re pretty and they have a knack for being outrageous. That’s just about all they bring to the table. If someone like Tomi Lahren were a guy and had to get by on her intellect and abilities, she’d be persona non grata because she brings almost nothing to the table on that front. Incidentally, with a few exceptions (See Kat Timpf and 1 or 2 others), that same description applies to most of the bigger name female conservative pundits and commentators under 35 and it’s another step towards turning America into an Idiocracy, not an improvement.

So, why is Tomi Lahren coming up? Well, she did a video on Facebook called, “PSA for Boyish Men.” Tomi Lahren was trending on Twitter because, in that video, she said that most men “are trash.” Of course, you’d guess from the title that the larger point was supposed to be that men today weren’t as masculine as previous generations, which is something I agree with and believe is a problem. With that in mind, I thought it was worth watching the whole video to see what Tomi Lahren actually said in the controversial video. Would I actually end up agreeing with Tomi Lahren? Let’s watch the video and see (I really did write the opening before I watched the video.)

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Here’s the Cliff Notes version of the whole thing: All of Tomi Lahren’s female friends have an issue with men. Men 20-60 are trash. They don’t know how to treat women.

1st question for men: If you are interested in a woman, are you single?

2nd thing: There are very few women that want to be your pen pal. They want to text, not meet in person.

3rd thing: Make plans. Don’t just text at midnight or like, I want to come over in an hour or two (this sounded like what guys do typically when they just want to get laid).

4th thing: Value value. We’re super valuable, but we’re not treated like we’re valuable. We’re go-getters, talented, ambitious, and totally not thots. My friends can’t even find decent guys if they go up 15 years in age because those guys want to be with younger girls who “have nothing going on.” Wow, 27-year-old Tomi Lahren is already complaining that men prefer younger women.

5th thing: Consistency. After 4-5 days, many men aren’t consistent. They stop calling as often. Don’t pay as much attention. Ghost.

6th thing: Don’t be a b*tch: Don’t be butthurt if we’re not interested in dating you anymore. We’re difficult, but it’s not really us being difficult because we’re so amazing.

Let just note that Tomi Lahren sounded difficult, bitchy, and entitled through the whole video. Despite the fact she’s famous, wealthy, and very attractive, I pity whatever guy locks her down and ends up having to deal with her every day.

Also, the impression I got wasn’t so much that Tomi and her friends are dealing with “boyish” men so much as being with men on dating websites that only see them as a lay. Who calls you at midnight? What guy with a girl is trying to get with you? Guys who see you as sex and nothing more. Who has problems with being consistent a few days out or just talking without ever meeting? People on dating websites.

If anything, Tomi Lahren sounds like the stereotypical “having fun in her twenties” woman who is upset that the high-value men she wants will sleep with her, but won’t get into a long-term relationship. Given that she is very attractive and famous, it’s kind of a surprise that she’s having that problem, but given her personality, maybe not.

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