Was He Wrong to Laugh in His Girlfriend’s Face When She Demanded He Pay Off Her College Loans?

On one hand, this isn’t the most diplomatic way to respond to a serious request from your girlfriend. On the other

Me(32) and my girlfriend(29) are living together for a year and going out for two. I make about 1.5 times the amount she makes and split all our bills including rent 60-40. She has a huge student loan in low six digits. So here’s the incident. Yesterday, she came up to me and asked why I was not helping pay off her student loan.I asked her whether she wants me to help plan her budget or is she expecting me to help pay of her loan. she said it was the latter. I told her I am not willing to join finances as long as we are not married. But she retorted that I have more than enough in my savings and it’s unfair that I am not helping her pay off her student loan. So, I asked her if she was expecting me to take my savings and completely pay off her loan. She nodded and I started laughing uncontrollably. She got upset and has informed most of her friends and they have been calling me an asshole as I am not helping her. I would have been fine if she had asked if she could reduce her share of the bills, but for her to suggest this I don’t know how else to react. She has been giving me the silent treatment since.

The most amazing part of this is it isn’t like this guy is rich and she’s poor. He only makes 1.5 times what she does, already is paying more than his fair share of the bills and she’s LITERALLY asking him to clean out his savings to pay off her student loans.

Meanwhile, she has a SIX FIGURE student loan? Let me guess; She took a really useless major at a really expensive private college. What do you think? Art history? Women’s studies? From that sense of entitlement, I’m going to guess women’s studies. But, who knows, right?