Was He Wrong to Kick His Female Roommate Out Over Something Her Friend Did?

Birds of a feather do flock together and you will be judged by others based on the sort of people you hang around with. Hang out with gangbangers? You’re probably a criminal. Are you a woman whose female friends are all sluts? Then you’re probably a slut. Are your friends diehard Christians, socialists, drug addicts? Then that’s probably what you are. So, what if you hang around with someone that’s trash?

I am a 37 year old man and my roommate is an early-30s woman. I rent a two-bedroom house and it had a spare room, so I decided to look for a roommate last year. I had a couple of people interested, but a friend asked me for a favor and I let her move in. She pays about 30% of the rent because that’s all she can afford.

My roommate has one particularly good friend who she invites over regularly. I do not like that woman at all. She is loud, self-centered, and has no concept of boundaries, property, or privacy. She has “accidentally” eaten my food and drunk my beer several times when she came over, and I have voiced my opinion about her to my roommate regularly. My roommate’s response has always been “as long as I’m paying my part of the rent, the company I keep is between them and me.”

On Saturday night, she invited her friend over. As I often am in my room, I was completely naked, lying over my covers, reading a book. I like being naked and expect a reasonable amount of privacy from civilized people.