VIDEO: Nasty Woman Twerks Into a Baby’s Crotch

There’s river-bottom garbage that floated out of a sewer looking at these women and going, “Wow, these women are trash!”

Wtf is correct from r/trashy

You can almost see that kid’s future, can’t you? He’ll be raised by dumb, trashy, irresponsible women who think their only value is what they can offer to men sexually. There will be no father figure in his life. He’ll be running wild by the time he’s 12, using drugs by 14 and in jail, maybe for 20 years by the time he’s 19. Then we’ll hear all about how toxic masculinity claimed another victim.

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In fact, just about the only chance a kid like that has is if those trashy women get so out of control that he ends up having to stay with God-fearing grandparents or, even less likely, if he connects with some male coach who becomes like a father figure to him and starts steering him in the right direction.

There has never been any shame in being poor, but there used to be shame in being a particular type of poor person — the sort of poor person that was lazy, trashy, low class & that wanted hand-outs instead of being willing to work for a living. Those people deserve to be ashamed and if they got the shame they deserve, everyone, including them, would be better off over the long-term.

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