VIDEO: Guy Travels 1500 Miles & Puts on Bear Suit to Surprise Girlfriend — Catches Her CHEATING

As someone who has been in long-distance relationships, I can tell you that there are a number of problems with them. One of them is that you are a long way away and not only are other guys right there and she’s going to know that if she cheats, you’re not going to find out unless you get really lucky. Some poor b@stard in China found that out the hard way,

In a post shared on Twitter and on Weibo, photos show a man in a teddy bear suit catching his girlfriend with another man.

The guy traveled 2,400 km just to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday. He wanted to make the surprise special by wearing a teddy bear suit.

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That’s a bad situation under the best of circumstances, but traveling that far and showing up in a BEAR SUIT to try to be cutesie for your girlfriend while some other guy has her in his arms must really rub salt in the wound. Put another way, it must almost be….un-BEAR-able! Get it? UNBEARABLE? Because he’s in a bear costume and…ok, ok. Anyway, I do feel bad for the poor guy — and my guess is there are an awful lot of other guys out there in long-distance relationships in exactly the same position even if they don’t know it yet.

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