USA Today: Want to End Abortion? Then Blame the FATHERS.

The obvious response to the headline from that opinion post in USA Today is that fathers are already held financially accountable. However, there’s a deeper point worth noting in this horrible mess of a column. Let’s start with the shot…

Almost every day, I help facilitate the termination of anywhere between two and five marriages. As an attorney who practices family law, ending marriages makes up the bulk of my work.

…Still, the more cases I take on, the more I notice patterns emerging. Chief among these, many of the people I assist are mothers trying to fix the damage wrought by an absent, neglectful or abusive man. In each case, my job requires me to ask about the father’s role — or more often, whether he has one at all.

Eventually, the answers start to run together. Sure, he pays his support, but his children never see him. Or he’s an addict. Or he’s in jail. Or he’s with his new girlfriend. Or maybe they don’t know where he is.