Transgender Claims to be Victim of a Hate Crime — Then Police Check the Surveillance Tape

In the victim Olympics that so many people seem to be competing in over the last few years, there is nothing that tops being the victim of a “hate crime.” The thrill people get from being such a victim gets them so excited that they’re even willing to fake it. Apparently, some people are even willing to blame innocent kids if that’s what it takes

Investigators say the woman told them she was taunted by teens on Dec. 10 at the Tukwila International Bus Station. She claimed she used pepper spray later on the bus to protect herself. More than a week later, detectives have reviewed surveillance video from the bus and from a cellphone and say it was the woman who initiated the assault.

The King County Sheriff’s Office released video taken on board the Metro bus in Tukwila. It shows the woman approaching the teens at the back of the bus and pepper-spraying them. When she got off the bus, they did, too. The teens attacked her near the bus stop on Andover Park West near Midland Drive. The beating was caught on a cellphone camera while witnesses told the teens to stop. That night, one 14-year-old and two 16-year-olds were arrested for investigation of malicious harassment (a hate crime), and felony assault.

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Now detectives say it was the woman who started it when she pepper-sprayed the teens on the bus.

“We haven’t been able to prove through video or witnesses that there was any other incident that occurred prior to this at all,” said Sgt. Ryan Abbott, with the King County Sheriff’s Office, on Friday.

Now the woman will likely be charged with felony assault in the third degree. The teens will likely face misdemeanor assault charges. Detectives say they cannot claim self-defense because of the time between the pepper-spray incident on the bus and the attack off the bus.

“They didn’t do it because of who she is or her sexuality. They did it just strictly because they were assaulted, and then they got off the bus and assaulted her back,” said Abbott.

Basically, the tranny staggers to the back, sits down and immediately pepper sprays the kids, then staggers away and falls down. Unfortunately, the kids are also being charged because even though they gave the tranny a much deserved retaliatory beating, they can’t claim self-defense because the situation had de-escalated. In any case, they’ll probably get a slap on the wrist over this while hopefully, the tranny will do some jail time.

If there’s one lesson you should learn from all this, it’s don’t ever, ever, ever take someone’s word that a hate crime was committed against them. People lie about that subject constantly and until you see real proof, you should take every hate crime claim with a grain of salt.

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