Things Didn’t Work Out With His Crush, But He Doesn’t Want to Give Up. What Should He Do?

I haven’t had an honest to goodness crush since high school, but if she had ever shown any real interest in me, I can imagine how brutal it would have been to let her go.

Things didn’t work out between my crush [31F] and I [25M] and I’m having trouble letting go

I guess the title explains most of it, things seemed great at first and we both seemed really interested, but we both got out of a relationship recently and I decided to give it more time before we “officially” start since I really like her. However, maybe 1 month of being really close, she told me she actually can’t let go of the previous guy.

I know I need to move on but honestly it feels like I won’t meet someone like that again. I’m really into girls who are open about everything, honest and down to earth. These types of girls are extremely rare where I live (Asia, everyone is conservative), and because of that I’m having some difficulty letting go. Not really a big deal but I guess some advice would help, thanks.

TL;DR – Things didn’t work out between me and my crush, feels like I won’t find someone like that again.

First of all…

That is an inside joke and while I am at it, let me just note that I have probably been spending too much time on Reddit lately.