They’re Going to Do an All Female Fast & Furious Spin-Off? Ugh…

Do we need this? Really? Is there some kind of pent up demand for a Thelma and Louise sequel with a Vin Diesel cameo? Maybe we’ll see soon:

Speaking with MTV about where the franchise is headed after the unnamed 10th film (which might be a two-parter, oh no), Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) revealed the idea. “I’ve created a female spin-off. And that script comes next month, so we will see.”

…An all-lady Fast and Furious spin-off would be wonderful. Most of them get a good amount of screen time in the regular franchise, but at this point the squad has such a diverse collection of talents and abilities that I imagine any sort of heist or mission wouldn’t be difficult to pull off. The movie just has to be written right.

The Fast and Furious franchise has been basically a license to print money. Even the Hobbs and Shaw spin-off featuring the Rock and Jason Statham made 760 million.

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That being said, people are tuning in to that franchise to see fast cars, crazy stunts, wild action and big stars like Vin Diesel, the Rock & now John Cena. Nobody is going to the theater so that they can see Jordana Brewster or Michelle Rodriguez. That’s why doing an all-female Fast and Furious would be kind of like doing a movie based on the original Star Trek franchise with Uhuru & nurse Chapel in the lead roles, but with no Kirk, Spock or Bones. There is simply no woman in the cast that can come close to filling in for Vin Diesel.

Also, let me note a reason why these all-female reboots are so annoying and why people in Hollywood seem to keep missing it. Male audiences have proven again and again that they will go to see movies with strong female leads. Just to name three examples, Aliens, Wonder Woman and Kill Bill fit that definition. However, when you take a franchise built on male actors, stick less believable women into those same roles and hope they can coast on the reputation already built by others while treating it as some sort of moral victory for feminism, it’s grating. Meanwhile, anyone who tries to express that hears some version of this super-woke rant from Kristen Lee in the comments section of Jalopnik:

Reading the comments … you f*cking men boys are terrible. I’m surprised half of you find anyone to f*ck you. Is there really no room in your imaginations for someone who doesn’t look like you to be centered, to have a story, to have a background that was interesting? Are you that pathetic that you can’t enjoy a story where the story doesn’t involve someone like you?

And you repeat this inane sh*t with everything. Star Wars for instance. Mad Max. The list is considerable.

Oceans 8 might have been the best movie in the franchise. It was definitely not Oceans 11 but with women. Grow the f*ck up.

There are experiences beyond yours, and they are equally interesting and valuable.

You know who the guys complaining about this idea in the comments section of Jalopnik are? They’re fans of the movie. You know, the sort of people you want to appeal to in order to keep the money rolling in. If they’re not vibing with an idea, they don’t need to be sent to a re-education camp to make them more woke. Instead, the people making the movies need to start respecting their opinions… or don’t. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not the one losing massive amounts of money on these woke female reboots that flop at the box office.

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