These Women Think ‘9-5 Dudes Are Out of Style’

Everyone has their own shallow little tics when it comes to the opposite sex. Personally, once you get beyond a preference for beautiful women shared by most of the male gender, I also tend to like Asian women, women with dark, curly hair, women with a lot of curves and women with British, Irish or deep southern accents. So, how could I get upset about women preferring men that are particularly handsome, tall, rich, powerful or successful? The reality is if you’re a guy and you’re competing with Donald Trump, Bill Gates or Leonardo Dicaprio for a woman, chances are you’re going to lose even if you’re beating them across the board in most of the traits that make for a good mate just like a woman that’s a “9” is going to beat a “5” if they’re competing for the same man in almost every circumstance.

All that being said, when you take an attractive, but shallow trait (including beauty, guys) and elevate it to the end all and be all when it comes to dating, it paints an ugly portrait of you as a human being. Take these two women for example. Go ahead and watch the 2:20 minute long video. It’s worth your time just to try to identify the attitudes you need to stay away from.