The Website That Sells Fake Female Nudes Created by AI

I have so many questions. For example, in a world full of an infinite amount of free pornography, why would someone want an AI-generated nude? Incidentally, we’re just talking about topless pictures and there isn’t even a lot of variety. What’s the market for this? Just people who want to try something novel? Guys, who want to see naked women, but feel guilty looking at real women? I have no idea.

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a much more advanced version of this take-off. After all, a virtual cam girl has already become popular and you have to think more customizable pornography is coming. I am definitely one of those people that thinks porn is bad for you and that you shouldn’t use it, but I am also well aware that the first person to come up with an easy to use way to make customizable pornography is basically going to have a license to print money.

Incidentally, the hyper-feminist take on this whole thing by the female author writing about this was weird…

A bizarre startup selling AI-generated nude images of women for a dollar per photo thinks it might be at the forefront of a pornography revolution.