The WAPO Says It’s ‘Trolling’ & ‘Sexist’ To Tell the Truth About Katie Bouman & the Black Hole Pic

Sometimes, the truth is just too sexist to report.

At least that’s the gist of this story at the Washington Post that rather bizarrely simultaneously continues to try to give Katie Bouman all the credit for the black hole picture, slams people saying anything differently as “sexist” and then notes she’s just one person out of a team of people responsible for the photo.

I know, I know. That sounds BIZARRE. Yet, the title of it is, “Trolls hijacked a scientist’s image to attack Katie Bouman. They picked the wrong astrophysicist.” It also includes this video. Note the title of the video.

As the world stared in wonder this week at the first image of a black hole, a new star was born here on Earth: Katherine Bouman, a 29-year-old postdoctoral researcher who developed an algorithm that was key to capturing the stunning visual.