The Top 6 Signs You’ve Been Friend Zoned

Just about every guy has been friend zoned by a woman he’s interested in at some point. That’s nothing to be ashamed of because no matter who you are and how much you have going for you, no man is EVERY WOMAN’s type. So, how do you know you’ve been friend zoned? Well, there are some fairly definite signs.

1) Has she shown obvious sexual interest? If you’re her friend and you’ve spent a good bit of time around her, have you had sex? Have you at least made out? Has she gotten naked around you? Has she grabbed your butt or your crotch? Has she at least given you the doggie-dinner-bowl look as if she wants you to kiss her (If so, why didn’t you kiss her? When the door opens, you gotta move through it, bro). When women like you personally and are interested in you sexually, you generally don’t need the Scooby Gang to come in to solve the mystery of whether she wants you or not.

2) Is she telling you about a guy she’s definitely interested in? There are times that women will tell you about how badly things are going with a guy as a way to hint that things aren’t working out and she wants you to move in on her. However when a woman starts telling you about a guy that she’s clearly interested in, even if she’s complaining about him, that’s a really bad sign. If a woman really wants you, she sure isn’t going to ask you for a guy’s perspective on how to keep another man interested. That’s the sort of thing she discusses with a girlfriend, not a guy she wants to get naked with.

3) Have you made it clear you’re interested and she hasn’t responded? Some dudes in the friend zone hide their intentions so totally that it’s hard to blame the woman for thinking that he just wants to be friends. Of course, if you have done the right thing and made it clear you want to be more than friends and she shot you down, there’s a reason for it and it’s probably not the face-saving one she gave you to try to keep you as an orbiter who buffs up her self-esteem.