The Reason You Are Going to Fail is Good Advice is Boring

Do you know what’s exciting? Sex! Video games! Crazy drunken parties with your friends! Winning the lottery! Do you know what’s boring? Telling you not to have sex unless you use protection, not to spend too much time on video games, to drink responsibly and that playing the lottery is a waste of money.

Do we sometimes need experts, specialists and those wiser and older than us to tell us what to do? Absolutely, but most of the time we know what to do, we just don’t do it.

There is almost no one who is confused about whether eating that bag of Doritos or chicken with mixed veggies is healthier. Is it a good idea to save money? To exercise regularly? To drink water instead of soda? Of course, it is! Should you smoke? Do drugs? Have unprotected sex with that girl who has slept with all your friends? Hell no! I know it, you know it and everybody knows it.

In fact, 95% of the problems we have as human beings would go away if we just consistently did the right thing. The things our parents told us to do. The things we know we should be doing already.