The Question Every Man Always Has to Answer: What Value Do I Provide?

If you’re a man, what value do you provide? What do you bring to the table? What makes you worth anything? Oh, I know. You’re a child of God and every person has intrinsic worth. That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.

But, if you ask yourself why a woman should want you, why men should respect you and why a business should want you on their payroll, it’s a different story. You’re not valued for who you are. Not at all.

No one gives a damn if you’re a nice guy or have a good heart. People want to know what value you bring to the table.

A woman wants to know if you make enough to support her or at least enough so you won’t struggle over money. If you’re good in bed. If you can protect her from other men. If you’re the type of man she can brag to her friends over. Your boss wants to know if you’re the type of guy who shows up on time, stays late, and gets the job done. Your friends want to know if you’re the type of guy who could get their back in a dark alley, help them move, be a wingman and be fun to hang out with.

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So, what’s cool about you? What sets you apart from other people? What could you brag about if you wanted to do it? Think about this in terms of work, in terms of dating, in terms of competing for friends.

Which guy are you? The guy working a menial job or the guy that owns his own successful business? The guy that plays video games as a hobby or the guy that does archery or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? The guy that throws the parties or the guy that attends the parties? The guy that can talk to women or the guy other people have to introduce to women? The guy asking his friends for loans or the guy people ask for loans? The guy who needs to be protected or the guy people look to for protection? The gym bro who people ask how to lift or the guy who looks like he has never lifted in his life? The dude with fashion sense or the dude wearing the ratty t-shirt and the sweats? Are you the leader or the follower?

I don’t know which of those describe you and which ones don’t, but I do know you should be starting to get an idea of which category you fall into. Ultimately, if you want to have the sort of life people dream of, you have to be a man who provides value. Not everyone provides it in the same way. Tony Hawk, the local bank manager, and the jacked trainer down at the gym may all be providing a lot of value to some people, but in completely different ways. Figure out how you can provide that value to other people and then you can start getting where you want to be in life.

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