The Latest Fake Kavanaugh Accusation Doesn’t Even Make Any Sense

This page was started because of the false, politically motivated accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Well now, we’ve had another equally ridiculous accusation that like all the others, doesn’t stand up to the slightest scrutiny. Here’s the short and sweet rundown of what supposedly happened,

Kavanaugh allegedly had his pants down at a “drunken dorm party” and “friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student,” according to Pogrebin and Kelly. The Times issued an update to the article.

“An earlier version of this article, which was adapted from a forthcoming book, did not include one element of the book’s account regarding an assertion by a Yale classmate that friends of Brett Kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party,” a note at the end of The NYT article reads.

“The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident,” it adds. “That information has been added to the article.”

It’s worth noting that this accusation comes from a diehard Democrat partisan AND the woman who supposedly felt up Brett’s penis denies it happened. Obviously, if there were any journalistic standards at all when it came to Republicans, the New York Times would never have run the story.

But, let’s set that aside for a second and think about what they are alleging here. They are saying that Kavanaugh was just walking around with his penis out when a friend grabs it and shoves it into a woman’s hand somehow. Does this seem likely to anyone?

I mean, you can perhaps imagine a drunken college student whipping it out at a party. But, his friend TOUCHING IT? Not so much. Also, how was a woman’s hand close enough to Kavanaugh’s member to have it pushed into her hand? If some drunken guy drops trou at a party are there going to really be women walking over to get their hands, what, two inches away?