It’s Time For Americans to Stop Spending $39,000 on the Average Wedding

In a world where people waste money on $5 cups of coffee, $67,000 2nd electric cars just to impress the neighbors and $1,000 cell phones that give them no benefit whatsoever other than being slightly newer than their last working cell phone, there is no bigger waste of money than a huge wedding.

Keep in mind that the AVERAGE cost of a wedding today is $39,000 and there are actually people taking out loans of $11,000 at loan-shark level interest rates of up to 36% to pay for the “big day.” Does this make sense? I’ll grant you that I think engagement rings are also big wastes of money, but at least you get a ring to wear on your finger. The wedding is over after a day.

I know, I know. Women spend their whole lives dreaming of elaborate weddings, but why is that actually? Could it be because weddings are marketed to them from the time they’re young? “Oh, it’s your special day….” — what’s so special about it exactly? It’s an expensive ceremony that almost every married person in America participates in. If anything, it’s ordinary, common, pedestrian — the opposite of special.

Oh, but what if you didn’t have a big wedding? Then what? Do you really think anyone would even notice other than maybe your parents, siblings and a handful of friends? Do you think anyone is going to judge you for not spending more than you can afford on a wedding? If anything, they would probably silently envy you for saving all that money and not conforming to peer pressure.