The Independent: People Complimenting Adele For Losing Weight Are Engaged in Fatophobia

This is the unhealthiest part of the whole “fat positivity” movement on full display:

This week, pictures emerged of a slimmer looking Adele, as the singer arrived at rap star Drake’s birthday party.

Instantly people were tweeting and sharing the photos, congratulating her on her “revenge body” – a reference to her ongoing divorce with Simon Konecki. Across my social media feeds, it seemed that everyone was sharing headlines that discussed her “sensational new look”, posting her “before and after” snaps. The resounding reaction was: “She looks so good now!”

For me, this was far from unexpected. It merely confirmed that we live in a society which idealises thinness and celebrates weight loss as inherently positive. The underlying premise behind the reaction to Adele’s photos was a) the assumption that her “old” body was “wrong” and b) that she made a deliberate and “healthy” choice.