The Hottest Customized Sex Robots Are Now Ones That Look Like People the Customers Know

The next step for pornography, sex robots & nudes is obviously customization. Although it’s not quite sophisticated enough to be widely used yet for pornography yet, Deepfakes and Deepnudes have been in the news. That likely means that in 5 to 10 years, you will be able to do customizable pornography where you feed some pictures of a woman you are interested in into a program and it will lay it over the picture or video of your choice. Of course, with sex robots, where they can literally craft the body and face however they want, the future is now.

Daily Star Online spoke to the manufacturers at Silicone Sex World to ask which of their products are selling well at the moment.

And surprisingly, celebrity-inspired models aren’t flying off shelves like they used to.

Instead, customers have been loving dolls that are “clones” of people they know.