The Godawful New Official SJW Batwoman Trailer

Until this very night, I was blessedly unaware of this abomination of a trailer which currently has 115k downvotes and only 42k upvotes right on YouTube right now.

Now, you may be saying, “How do you screw up anything Batman-related right now with a superhero crazed general public?”

Well, first of all, the producers might as well call it “Lesbian Batwoman” because they’re bending over backward to shove it in your face from her ugly butch haircut to the constant make-out cuts. The trailer is very, “We’re not living up to our responsibilities as artists if we’re not throwing her lesbianism in everyone’s face every few shots.” It FEELS very forced, which is annoying, but not the worst sin by a long shot.

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If that’s nails scraping down a chalkboard, these comments in the trailer are being stuck on a plane full of crying babies on your cross country red eye flight,

Incidentally, while this is going on, the background music literally says, “I’m a woman, here I come.” So, it doesn’t look like it’s about building a great show, it’s about shoving the fact that she’s a lesbian woman in your face and then demanding that you heap praise on the show for that reason.

Last but not least, let me note that the fight choreography in the trailer is absolute garbage. Ruby Rose is 5 foot 7, rail thin and she generally looks like she would hurt herself trying to fight an average size man. Is that a solvable problem? Sure. If you watch Black Widow’s fight scenes in Avengers, the producers go to extraordinary lengths to emphasize her agility and skill with joint locks that rely more on technique than power. On the other hand, in that short promo, Batwoman overpowers much larger men multiple times. Here she is forcing a bigger man into a wall with raw muscle power.

In this case, she shoves a much larger guy into a metal door hard enough to dent it.

There’s a level of suspension of disbelief required for any superhero series, but the world’s least threatening looking woman tossing people around like a power lifter is too much.

Although this series already deserves to die just based on the trailer, my assumption is that even this garbagefest will rake in the ratings since it’s associated with Batman. However, the producers should have focused on making a great show instead of looking to be praised primarily for pushing LESBIAN BATWOMAN….oh, and did you notice she’s a LESBIAN? AND A WOMAN? DID YOU HEAR US SAY LESBIAN BATWOMAN?

PS: As an extra added bonus, enjoy a few of the comments on the video,

— “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a women’s work” as she goes in to Batman’s house. Then to Batman’s cave takes Batman’s gadgets and HIS own suit that ANOTHER MAN fixed FOR HER.?

— Light the virtue signal commissioner Gordon?

— I’m very disappointed in you CW Network. Why didn’t you create BlackDisabledMuslimTransWoman instead? This isn’t diverse enough

— Kid: Hey look its batman
Batperson: Did you just assume my gender??

— “Russian bots review bomb new progressive Batwoman Tv Show” ; “Vocal minority of hateful fans….” Media Spin is coming?

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