The Five Creepiest Unsolved Crimes

There is something about true crimes stories that captivate people. Never has that been more true than today, with the 24-hour news media enthusiastically covering the latest gripping crime story, profiling suspects, and following every second of the trial. If you hear the names “OJ Simpson” or “Laci Peterson”, you’ll know exactly what the speaker is referring to and what happened in the case.

But even more enthralling than the cases with outcomes we know about are those that remain unsolved. These permeate the public consciousness, thrill amateur sleuths, and refuse to let us go, no matter how much people puzzle over the details. Jack the Ripper may be the most notorious unsolved murder, but a shadowy killer stalking prostitutes over 100 years ago in Victorian England isn’t nearly as scary as the thought of murderers able to elude modern forensics, who could still be walking the streets today.

These are five of the creepiest unsolved murders, crimes that not only seemingly have no explanation, but crimes whose perpetrators will likely never be brought to justice.

5. The Black Dahlia