The Circular Coronavirus Logic That Is Needlessly Destroying America

If we break lockdown, deaths will skyrocket!

So, when is it over? Next month?

No! Death’s will skyrocket!

3 months?

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No! Death’s will skyrocket!

6 months?

No! Death’s will skyrocket!

So, we just stay in our homes forever hoping there will be a cure? If there’s ever a cure?

That’s not what I said!

This sort of thinking is why it was such a big mistake to shut down so much of the country in the first place as opposed to focusing on quarantining the hotspots. The vast majority of the United States simply isn’t a densely populated international trade and tourism hub like NYC and it’s nearly impossible for the virus to have any kind of impact in 95% of the country that it had there.

In my case, I am currently speaking to you from a needlessly terrified county with a stay-at-home order in place. People are out of work. Businesses are running out of money and shutting down. There are old biddies on NextDoor demanding that we put checkpoints in place to keep out-of-towners from coming here. Meanwhile, roughly 1-in-10,000 people that live here are infected with the virus. Unless there is a cure, how do you beat those numbers? What is the endgame for the stay-at-home order for this supposed to be?

Maybe someone will come up with a working vaccine and get it to market. Maybe we’ll find a treatment effective enough to turn the Coronavirus into a cold. People are working on that now and there are some promising possibilities. However, it’s also possible that neither of those things will happen in the next year or two and in the interim, we are decimating people’s lives with these shutdowns. There are people that want to work to feed their families, but we are stopping them from doing that. There are people losing jobs they’ve had for years because we’ve forced the business they work for to shut down. There are people that are losing small businesses that they poured their lives into. There are people blowing their brains out because they can’t take it anymore.

The cost of shutting everything down like this is enormous. Almost unfathomable.

How about we let free people make their own decisions? If you can afford to stay home and want to do it, stay home. If your city is particularly badly hit by the Coronavirus, like NYC, stay locked down longer. If you want to get a haircut, go to a gym or have dinner in a restaurant and there are people that also want to serve you at those places, how about we let that happen too?

Should we all take precautions? Absolutely. Social distance. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Get tested if you’re sick and if you get the Coronavirus, quarantine.

Yet, some of us will die of the Coronavirus no matter what we do, just like some of us die in traffic accidents, falls and of the flu. I could be one of those people. So could you. So could the guy that stays inside for months. That’s life. You can live your life like a free man and accept the consequences or you can hunker down like a rabbit in a hole, scared to go outside. Either way, life will go on. Make your choice.

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