The Biggest Quality of Life Change in a Young Man’s Life Comes From Saving Up This Much Money

In college, I can still remember having $21 in my bank account, writing a $20 (with tip) check for pizza, having the check bounce because my bank had taken a two dollar fee out and then having a $20 bounced check fee added on that I couldn’t pay.

It sucked. It sucked not having money to do things with my friends. It sucked because I was always one car repair from not being able to pay my bills. It sucked all the way around.

Then I graduated from college with a psychology degree and the first job I got was as a Walmart portrait studio assistant manager. The job stunk. The pay stunk. It was miserable.

My first few years out of college were tough. I did without. I borrowed money from my parents in a crunch. I got into financial jams that were hard to clear.