The Best Quotes from ‘The Psychopath Whisperer: The Science of Those Without Conscience’

I have always found psychopaths to be fascinating, not so much because they’re intrinsically interesting, but because I’ve always wondered if the rest of us could learn to control their best features without being weighed down by their weaknesses. Science hasn’t figured that out yet, but maybe one day. In the interim, enjoy the quotes.

— Inmates commonly refer to the presumed tedium and boredom of having a simple job, wife, and house as the “white picket fence” syndrome. Actually, the majority of inmates admit they would be very happy out of prison and residing behind the white picket fence; psychopaths, however, can’t fathom it—they laugh at others who would dwell in such monotony.

— Psychopaths rarely know details about their children. Like Grant, they often don’t even know how many children they (might) have. I would come to realize during my research that psychopaths’ lack of connection with their children is one of the most salient features of the condition.

— Another difference between psychopaths and other inmates is that psychopaths don’t get distressed by being in prison. Most inmates get depressed when they get inside, and they find prison to be a stressful experience.