The Best Quotes From Robert Ringer’s “Looking Out for #1”

Robert Ringer is probably the most underrated guy in the whole self-help industry. Tony
Robbins has this 500 million dollar empire, Tim Ferriss has incredible numbers of people reading his website and listening to his podcast, but Robert Ringer is doing….I don’t know. Granted, he”s a bit older, so he may have missed out on the Internet revolution, but it’s a shame because he’s genuinely in that same class of talent and “Looking Out for #1” is a great book that I would highly recommend that you read. To give you a taste of what it’s like, here are the best quotes from the book.

“Given that the term looking out for number one has been so distorted by an army of media people who never took the trouble to read the book, I would like to clearly define it at the outset: Looking out for number one is the conscious effort to make rational decisions that lead to the greatest amount of happiness over the long term, so long as the actions stemming from those decisions do not involve the use of force or fraud against anyone else. In simpler terms, looking out for number one begins with the belief that you have a moral right to take actions aimed at giving you the greatest amount of pleasure and least amount of pain, provided your actions do not violate the rights of others.”

“While the high point on your mental awareness meter is taking action based only on your own rational choices, the low point is taking action based on what others choose for you.”

“Looking out for number one is actually a benefit to others, because when you’re content and happy, you aren’t a potential burden to the rest of society. Which, in my opinion, is more than enough reason to view looking out for number one as a noble pursuit.”