The Best Quotes From “How to Become an Alpha Male”

This is one of the first books I read on a Kindle back in 2012 and I enjoyed it, although it seems like more of an all-purpose guide to dating, self-help and being masculine than a hardcore guide to being an alpha male. Enjoy the quotes.

— “Ninety percent of being successful is believing you can be successful.”

— “Think about this for a moment: let’s pretend you just won the lottery, and won big. You’ve got a million bucks. If you were to walk into a club tonight, do you think you’d walk more confidently? Project yourself with more authority? Sure you would! Chicks always know when a guy’s got something going for him, be it money, power, or whatever, just by the way he handles himself.”

— “Never verbalize anything about where you are in the mating ritual with a woman. Don’t tell her explicitly what your intentions are. That’s a logical, male thing to do. Logical things kill emotions, and emotions are crucial for a woman to have in order to be sexually receptive to you.”