The Best Quotes From “Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy.”

This book tackled a critical question about modern society that doesn’t get discussed enough. When sex moved from something you did with your wife to something that was much more easily attainable, how did it impact society? Here are the best quotes from the book.

— “Contraception, which is firmly embedded in Western relational systems and practice now, was more of a “grand bargain,” or a trade-off than a magic pill. This and other technological innovations have functioned to lower the cost of real sex, access to which women control. And again, all this is largely invisible to casual observers, who commonly assert that men have become afraid to commit. I just don’t see it. Men are not afraid to “man up” and commit. They simply don’t need to.”

— “Whereas not long ago conservatives policed discourse concerning human sexuality, today liberal voices have replaced them. The only thing that has remained constant is the presence of policing. It is not that quality data and arguments cannot get a fair hearing. They can. But there is struggle over who gets to be heard, what can and cannot be spoken, and what must be said or left unsaid.16 Many “truths” in the domain of sex and sexuality seem more politically sculpted than empirically accurate.17 There are tacit ideologies that saturate sociology, and if you trespass them you can be informally (and occasionally formally) punished.”

— “Across multiple data sets over many years, I have still not witnessed a female respondent who claims to have paid for sex. That is not how they operate. (And that is, on balance, a good thing.) Economically speaking, women would never need to pay for sex.”