The 72 Hour Fast: Should You Water Fast?

This is something that’s been receiving a lot more interest lately in the Intermittent Fasting ‘sphere’, especially among guys who have a lot of weight to lose and know they could benefit from a 72 hour fast.

You have to approach the fasting diet a little differently for obese guys than you would for say, a male at 15-18% body fat. And this is where the extended fast concept comes in – acting almost as a ‘reset button’ for the guy who has a lot of weight to lose.

The differences that have to be accounted for include things like:

  • A powerful sweet tooth/sugar addiction – although this certainly isn’t exclusive to obese guys. The difference is that it’s virtually guaranteed.
  • A sluggish metabolism.
  • Chronically elevated insulin.
  • Screwed up hormones.
  • Sedentarianism.
  • A completely screwed up appetite.

Now, they’re all completely fixable, and the 72 hour fast goes a long way to undoing a lot of the damage, and fast, if you can pull it off.

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Guys who are leaner (and especially if they’re also younger) don’t have issues with sugar screwing up their metabolism or appetite, and if they do, it’s of a lower magnitude.

So a 72 hour fast would likely damage them, especially if they have muscle to lose. But if you’re overweight or obese?

It could be the greatest thing you ever do.

It’s the fastest way to gaining some real fat loss momentum, motivating yourself for further results, and giving you confidence in knowing that you have the power to impact your health & your appearance.


Some of the life-changing beneftis you’re about to experience, include:

  • HUGE fat loss (many guys in their 40’s and 50’s are losing 15+ pounds).
  • Improved insulin sensitivity.
  • A complete annihilation of your sweet tooth.
  • Far higher energy levels (just make sure your sleep game is on point).
  • Sky-high HGH.
  • Improved testosterone (largely due to the reduction in circulating estrogen).

So there’s a lot to be gained here if you execute this fast properly (more on that in a minute).


You may be wondering why a 72 hour fast is so much better than a 48 hour fast.

What are the 72-hour fasting benefits over 48 hours, or even 24 hours?

Well, Human Growth Hormone levels only truly take off around the three-day mark, and studies have found increases as huge as 300%(!)

Plus, (and this is the biggest reason in my opinion), you simply need longer than 1-2 days to get rid of your sweet tooth and cravings. This is where you PERMANENTLY reduce your appetite, and therefore, calorie intake.

It’s powerful.

This normally requires a little more time away from food, and a little more time just drinking black coffee or teas. A 3 day fast provides this perfect balance.

72 hour fast benefits


Firstly, I’d like to note that a lot of your success is going to come from your mindset (it’s the same with most things).

For example, if you were shooting for a 24 hour fast and think it’s a big deal, then 48 hours will seem impossible. Conversely, if you’re shooting for 72 hours and think it’s do-able, then 48 will seem like nothing.

Additionally, if you’ve always been a ‘breakfast believer’, or you think that your body constantly ‘needs feeding for energy reasons’ (even though there’s tons of stored energy already there), then you’re going to struggle.

Eliminating false beliefs is key.

In terms of the external specifics, here’s what to do:

This article has a solid introduction for your 72 hour fasting, so give it a read. Then:

Make sure you have your non-calorie appetite management strategies completely ready to go. These are a normal part of all Intermittent Fasting models, and they’re a critical part of fat loss success in all of them.

But it’s more important than ever that you’re fully prepared for this 72 hour fasting period. This means black coffee, teas, sparkling water all ready to go. Bottles of sparkling water in your fridge, whatever tea or coffee you prefer in your cupboards, etc.

Also, it’s important to note; you’re not going to feel too great if you’re low on things such as vitamin D, B6 & 12, magnesium, zinc, or omega 3 fish oil. So I would make sure you have them ready to go too.

The above is not a comprehensive list of vitamins, and a lot of this stuff is dependent upon the individual.

72 hour water fast


When it comes to water fasting, I’m not a fan. Especially if we’re talking a 3 day water fast(!) I think you should have your baseline supplements for health reasons instead of ‘just water’.

These supplements are going to cover your ass from a testosterone standpoint, muscle retention, and they will make fat loss easier.

A 72 hour fast is immediately great from a hormonal standpoint, because:

  1. You’re cutting down excess body fat (and estrogen levels) and;
  2. You’re not eating foods that kill testosterone

But you’ve got to make sure that you’re not just water fasting, because this CAN lead to electrolyte imbalances with serious consequences (and often people can’t even tell there’s something wrong).

This is especially true if you’re consuming plenty of tea or coffee during your fast (which I recommend for satiation purposes), so make sure you’re getting your electrolytes.

Doing a 72 hour water fast will also mean that you’re not getting the most out of your vitamin D supplement, which is critical for testosterone maintenance and energy levels.

Omega 3 levels are also critical for testosterone production, organ health, and easy fat loss. You don’t want these to get too low (and they will do over a 3 day water fasting period).

Avoid this, by having bone broth (see below), and timing your omega 3 supplement with your intake of micronutrient-dense goodness.

72 hour water fast


This is absolutely key to maintaining your health and really maximising your 72 hour fasting results.


Because this is when you should also be taking the supplements listed above, and it’s what will allow you to digest them fully.

I recommend sipping on this throughout the afternoon and the evening, as it’s going to provide you with an abundance of vitamins and nutrients, without breaking the fast, of course.

Finally, and this is absolutely crucial:

You cannot be sitting around bored, in one place. You need to be on the go, pursuing and attacking your number one goal with aggression. You’ve got to be busy, excited, and ‘out and about’.

Follow the above tips, and you’ll be maximizing your chances of success, and catapulting towards rapid fat loss.

If you want the entire ‘how-to’ manual for a 72 hour fast, make sure you grab the Ultimate Extended Fasting Manual (only $27).


You don’t want to return to previous old habits or let the momentum slip. One of the biggest pitfalls the majority of people have is that they slack off after a little success.

That’s the wrong move.

Once you get some momentum going (with anything), you need to double down and go for the jugular. You’ve got to pick an Intermittent Fasting model that suits your needs, and then perfect it.

For you, this could mean a carnivore diet, paleo, or neither.

After you’ve decided on the best fasting diet for you, get a meal plan and send me an email detailing your specific requirements. These meal plans are completely tailored to you and your needs.

And if you want guaranteed, long-term fat loss within on-going one-to-one help (with all your calories and macros adjusted over time), then check out my coaching options.



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