The 7 Worst Movies Based on Video Games

Video games are great! They’re fun, addicting, and they bring in a huge pile of fans to buy their product. Some of the biggest videogames brought in these unwanted guests to their line of merchandise. These movies tried to make a cheap buck off of millions of eager fans which resulted in various depressing experiences watching their favorite games be destroyed by half-baked adaptations. NOTE: I did include the preview to most movies… they look very entertaining, but don’t be fooled by the preview. If you’ve seen the preview, you’ve seen enough and just know it doesn’t get any better than that preview.

#7 Street Fighter

Street Fighter is an iconic arcade fighter game that has gone through many changes. More characters, more dialogue, and a full story are a few examples. This movie proved to be nothing more than you watching actors play out some fight scenes that you would have just seen in the game. If they had added a better plotline this might be tolerable.