The 7 Scariest Mental Illnesses

I am so glad I do not have any of these illnesses!​​ I hope you’re sitting down and your stomach is empty. These illnesses are not for the weak stomach—researching some of these turned mine and increased my paranoia of sitting next to psychos on the city bus just a bit.

#7​​ Capgras Delusion

This horrible syndrome has you believing that​​ everyone around you isn’t who they say they are.​​ Often the belief that the person you’re looking at is a robot with mask​​ to trick you into thinking they are your friend, lover, coworker, or relative when​​ really,​​ they have been replaced. Capgras delusion has you believe that everyone​​ around you knows​​ that your loved one isn’t your loved one because they​​ are​​ most likely​​ planning something against you…

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#6 Fregoli Delusion

The opposite of​​ capgras​​ is Fregoli Delusion. Even more bizarre than capgras this has the person thinking​​ that everyone around them are just one entity in different costumes. The name originally comes from​​ Leopoldo Fregoli an actor who thought he and everyone else were the same entity. Probably not the best thing to be remembered by!