The 7 Most Revolting Things About American Culture

In a few short decades, I have observed the formation of some disturbing new cultural phenomenon in America and I wanted to give you the countdown of the MOST revolting of them. Can you guess what they are?

#7 Worshipping the iPhone 8

I remember when we use to go sit outside and talk to our neighbors, looking them in the eye and even bringing by a plate of cookies every occasionally. Why did we do this? They were the people in our nearest vicinity, I guess. Back then, we talked to people face to face or sometimes on the phone. This recent revolting culture of worshipping our newest iPhone (I remember the iPhone before it had a number and the iPhone 8 is still a MacRumor) and hating the person who has more newly released technology than yourself, just makes me sick. Becoming so possessive of something that is a mere tool, then spending more time with it than you spend with actual people is so unhealthy but has become a BIG part of our culture. Most people in any given restaurant at any given time will have their cellphone on them and will be actively checking it for updates, even if they’re at lunch with friends. It’s disgusting to observe if you’re still a civilized person with manners. Worshipping your electronics has become one of the most loathsome sides of American culture because most people do not even recognize what they have lost creating stronger bonds with their droids than their spouse or children. I don’t see Americans sliding back from this one because it’s an addiction that’s not acknowledged, thus will never be treated, only fed by the dings and beeps that tell the user that some random person they’ve never actually met has posted something they only mildly care about on their favorite social networking site.

#6 First Place replaced by the Snowflake Millennial Participation Trophy