The 7 Liberal Beliefs That Will Make Women Miserable

Taylor Burrowes Ph.D. is a dating and relationship counselor I follow on Twitter and I noticed that she put up a worthwhile twitter thread about the 7 progressive beliefs she once held that were detrimental to her “mental health and relationships.” By necessity, since it was Twitter, the list she put up was short, but it was really good. So, it seemed worth fleshing out a bit more in an article. What follows is Taylor’s list with some additional comments,

1) Men & women are fluid/interchangeable categories because they are “equal.” This type of thinking inevitably produces naggy, overly masculine women who create arguments over nothing because they can’t accept that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. If we were really interchangeable, it wouldn’t matter who went to check on that suspicious noise downstairs in the middle of the night or who killed the spider in the bathroom.

2) Being a woman of value meant I needed to compete with men & be as successful as possible in my career. My equal would show up & we’d be a “power couple.” A woman who feels compelled to constantly embrace her masculine energy is taking a vital piece of herself and locking it away. It may work out just fine in the short-term, but it’s a recipe for long-term unhappiness.

3) Being sexually healthy meant being outraged by being objectified by men I didn’t like, but ok doing it to myself. It’s always funny when a woman gets dolled up, wears a lowcut shirt, a skin-tight dress and then complains when men sexually objectify her. You can’t invite men to look at your body and then be upset that they are more interested in that than your mind.