The 6 Worst Things About Online Dating For Guys

In all fairness, not every one of these issues is exclusive to men and women have their own set of issues (dick pics, Grandpas getting huffy when 20 year olds won’t write them back, dudes getting overtly sexual ten minutes into the first date, etc.), but men have their own set of problems that seldom get discussed like….

1) Fighting through the deluge: Attractive women, particularly in big cities, are hit with a tidal wave of emails. An attractive female friend in LA told me she received more than 100 per day for a solid month. A girl I went out with in Raleigh who put a joking little tease about sex in her profile received 150 emails in her first two days. How do you stand out when every attractive woman is being buried in emails? It’s not so easy, which leads us to…

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2) …It’s too much work. So if every woman you’re interested in is digging out of an avalanche of emails, what do you do? Well, since chances are a large percentage of women aren’t going to respond, you end up turning it into a numbers game. You don’t write one woman and hope she writes back; you write 20. If you’re in a big city, you may write 20 PER DAY. In and of itself, this is a lot of work, but it’s even worse because of the women who…

3) …chat, but never meet. Because women are getting so many emails on these websites, they have very little invested in any one guy. In other words, if you don’t really hit it off from the get-go, they’re probably not going to follow through for a date. Even if things do go well, they probably have 5 other guys in the background; so they don’t feel a lot of pressure to follow through, show up for their date and to try make things work out. Of course, then there are the women who are apparently unfamiliar with our strange human mating rituals and seem content to talk endlessly without ever wanting to get together and see if things work out. Of course, some people you don’t want to meet because….

4) …If the number of pictures is one, then you should run. If a woman only has one picture, it usually means it’s either old, fake or taken at an angle to hide that she’s overweight. In any case, if it’s real, you can be sure that it’s the best picture of her ever taken. Any woman who’s serious about online dating and isn’t trying to hide how she looks is going to have multiple pictures up, which is good because…

5) …Men are tired of hearing about sunsets and walks on the beach. Men tend to be overly reliant on the picture in online dating because around 80% of the profiles give you absolutely no relevant information. It’s great that you love your son, like men who “don’t want to play games,” and are “always looking to meet new” people, but that also describes 80% of the women on the website. It would be nice to get some sense of what a woman is like from her profile. Of course, the only thing worse than a generic profile is….

6) ….Princess Syndrome. It’s pretty clear that there are a lot of women who are using online dating websites who have perceptions of their sexual market value wildly out of sync with reality.  It’s fine to want a guy who is in great shape, charming, funny, romantic, doesn’t smoke, family-oriented, is a good provider and will treat you “like a princess” all while having the hair color and height you prefer, but you better be bringing a lot to the table, too. Online dating websites are full of…well, to be honest, pretty average women who seem to be under the impression that they have the drawing power of a 22 year old model. I’m not trying to put anyone down, but I am saying that if you want your own Prince Charming, then you better be Snow White.

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